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Philly Hypnosis Performance | 4 Reasons Why Weight LossWhat we don’t realize however, is that weight loss has more to do with the mind than the body. Strict diets and tiring exercise schedules, which you forcefully adopt, normally wouldn’t stand the test of time.

The mind will eventually revolt against these imposed restrictions after a point. It would instruct the body to indulge in unhealthy practices as a suitable retaliation. Therefore, diets and workouts are most suited for short term weight loss goals only.

For losing weight regularly over a period of time, you need holistic approaches, which offer comprehensive and sustainable solutions.

Have you ever asked yourself why weight loss managers encourage the use of hypnosis?

Hypnotherapists would advocate hypnosis weight loss as a suitable and long lasting solution for keeping off those extra pounds. This is primarily because hypnosis targets the mind. It motivates the inner psyche to lose weight more willingly. The moment the mind is convinced for a better self image, sticking to weight loss regimes become easier and simpler than ever. Some of the advantages of hypnosis weight loss, as put forth by hypnotherapists, would include:

  1. Hypnosis connects directly to the mind and helps in developing a fresh self image. It helps your mind to visualize yourself in the future, post weight loss and makes it your coveted goal. The more future oriented you are, the easier it is to remain focused to long term goals.
  2. Hypnosis is essentially a relaxing technique. It improves concentration and helps in achieving a focused outlook. Therefore, it also teaches you to be more relaxed about weight loss issues. Stress is often the cause behind faulty eating habits such as unhealthy binging. Without stress, chances of deviating from diets are less.
  3. Hypnosis inculcates positive thinking and keeps you motivated towards your goals. Remember, you haven’t gained all those pounds in a day and shedding them would surely not be a matter of hours or even days. Patience is the key in any healthy weight reduction regime. Hypnosis techniques will teach you to be more patient and futuristic, keeping you right on track.
  4. Hypnosis, when practiced correctly, is known to provide a feeling of self fulfillment. You learn to feel satisfied with the way you are. This keeps you in a more positive frame and encourages you to lose weight. Weight loss makes you feel even better about yourself. This in turn would lead to happiness and health. Therefore, with hypnosis, weight reduction becomes a more positive and enthusiastic process. It no longer seems like a torturous regime to be followed or an unachievable goal to be conquered. You keep overcoming the subconscious milestones with ease providing the desired momentum for long term weight management.

Hypnosis is one of the most favored options for weight loss because it’s perfectly natural. It helps in re-educating and emphasizing your subconscious mind about the importance of diets and exercises and other ways of losing weight. When the mind is in complete control, remaining dedicated to your goals becomes far simpler!

About Philly Hypnosis and Weight Loss Program

Todd Stofka, the founder of Philly Hypnosis is an accredited Performance Hypnotherapist. Having spent the past decade helping thousands of people free from their addictive behaviors, be it weight management, lack of self-esteem, or smoking, Todd is definitely able to “rewire” your negative thoughts or behaviors and assist you in prevailing over all sorts of obstructions.