Cancer Treatment

How Does Hypnosis Help the Cancer Patient?

Patients who have used hypnosis note that it helps them in a variety of ways and in a number of circumstances.

Side effect reduction

Living with cancer and its prognosis is difficult for anyone. Hypnotherapy can help cancer patients in dealing with their diagnosis strongly producing a reduction in stress. The calming effects of hypnosis can, therefore, improve quality of life for those feeling overwhelmed. Stress reduction through hypnosis may also help caregivers be more effective in assisting them in handling the challenges of their job more easily.

Preparation for surgery or other procedures

Cancer patients are faced with a lot of situations that may cause nervousness or fear. Hypnosis before these procedures, which might include surgery, may help lessen the fear and help things run more smoothly. Even small situations like fear of needles can aided by  hypnosis. Studies have shown that hypnotherapy may even shorten the recovery period after a surgery or other procedure.

Immune system aid

While the study of the mind and how it affects the immune system is relatively young, many believe that there is a real connection between mind, body, and spirit and that achieving a state of relaxation through hypnotherapy may indeed increase the effectiveness of the human immune system, thereby aiding in the fight against cancer and other diseases. Studies continue on this theory.

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Although numerous remissions and other positive benefits result from the use of hypnosis sessions and hypnosis recordings, the use of hypnosis is intended as an adjunct to standard medical treatment and other protocols for the improvement in the quality of life for the client. Hypnosis for Cancer does not purport or infer that it can or has cured cancer in any person. Always follow the advice of your medical doctor.