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Philly Hypnosis Centers provide a Coaching and Training forum for Personal and Corporate Excellence through Executive Coaching Philadelphia. Whether you are a CEO, Professional Communicator or a driven individual, The Stofka Method of NLP and Hypnosis application will enhance your leadership style and will give you an edge in any environment.

These communication applications are taught to the world’s most accomplished and forward thinking Corporate Leaders, Public Organizations, Governments, Leading Entrepreneurs and individuals dedicated to Personal Achievement.

“Jim O., Bucks County, PA Shares how he, as a business owner faced making several tough business decisions, where everything looked gray. The Stofka Method assisted Jim in identifying the core values on what he wanted from work and a lifestyle, which developed an internal alignment with his goals as a business owner. The end result was an easy decision, which achieved clarity. The answer became black and white. “

Clients choose the Philly Hypnosis Centers as their Corporate Excellence Partner to:

Develop tailored courses

Design corporate change programs

Craft specific interventions

Enable individual teams, departments and the company as a whole to maximize their human potential within the organization

Build Business Excellence in the Corporate Environment

Expand individual communication as well as across the organization

Develop advanced thinking skills that enhance creativity, problem-solving, and competitive advantage

Build personal evolution skills

Increase ability to cultivate positive corporate change.

Cultivate skills for modeling behavior and successes of excellent performers

These programs are designed to develop, challenge and inspire :

‘Fast track’ management candidates

Experienced CEO’s worldwide

Build personal evolution skills

Executive Coaching Philadelphia

Whether you are being groomed to be a manager or leading a large corporation, there is always another level of excellence you can reach. If you strive to continue growing and learning, there is no reason to wait another minute. Take the step to fulfill your true potential through Executive Coaching Philadelphia.

The Stofka Method Management Leadership Programs and Executive Coaching Philadelphia start where other management programs end. Using the most advanced leadership courses, Todd Stofka integrates NLP and Hypnosis so you not only reach your goals more quickly, but you learn how to use these processes in your own life and work.

The courses reveal how people learn and think – and how they fail. Discover why some people succeed and how you can replicate that success!

The Stofka Method is ‘the difference that makes the difference” between those who excel and those who get by. You will develop new skills to communicate, motivate, influence, negotiate, lead, and empower. You will learn to be successful and be a model of excellence yourself.

Developed by modeling the world’s greatest managers and leaders, these programs give Managers the most advanced management skills. The worlds Top CEO’s and leaders utilize NLP and hypnosis skills to communicate their messages and ensure they maximize direction and success.

By applying the latest techniques of NLP, you can personally improve your communication, decision making, presentation skills, sales results, team building, coaching and personal success. NLP acknowledges that behavior, thinking, feeling and performance all have sensory-based strategies which can be modeled, learned, taught and improved.

Susan shares how her business suffered from being overly stress and a lack of focus. Using The Stofka Method she was able to move from just surviving to thriving.

“Susan M., Shares how her business suffered when she became overly stressed and experienced a lack of focus. Using The Stofka Method, she was able to move from just surviving to thriving. Learning how to establish boundaries created a focused energy and direction.”

These programs are designed to develop, challenge and inspire :

Create a healthy working environment that fosters your intended goals

Develop effective mechanisms to deal with complex leadership situations

Learn practical and lasting stress management skills that are easy to use in any situation

Discover communication skills that can influence, motivate and build rapport

Expand thinking patterns in order to reach beyond your goals

Improve results by challenging your limits

Gather specific, high-quality information from people and use it to achieve outcomes

Enhance creativity and flexibility

Cultivate a balance of life and work

Executive Coaching Philadelphia

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