Hypnotherapy may not be what you expect. A state of hypnosis is extremely relaxing and comfortable. This simply means that new concepts and ideas can be easily introduced into the subconscious without resistance from the conscious mind. Once out of trance, many people experience a noticeable shift right away in their attitudes and perceptions of the old, undesirable behaviors.

Why does Hypnotherapy Work?

Hypnosis works because the habits and issues are addressed at the source, the subconscious mind. At this level they can be modified effectively and for good.

FREE  Consultation

This is an in-depth explanation of hypnosis and an honest evaluation of your own personal situation.  We will determine what your vision and goals are.  We will create a plan to achieve your goals and uncover what challenges or sabotages your results.  We will review how we use hypnosis, NLP and coaching to assist you to achieve your results and review the program to make sure it fits you.  At the end you will leave with more energy and motivation to make it happen.  If hypnosis or any other part of the program is not right for you, we will tell you.

It’s fun and informative!

People dedicated to self improvement and personal excellence travel to work with us from all over the world.  The Stofka Methods can be accomplished either in person, in groups or via personalized phone/Skype sessions.

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