Marketing Courses: Individuals or Teams

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Business seminarPhilly Hypnosis Marketing Courses build on the traditional marketing mix of product, price, place and promotion. Designed to move people beyond and create a new level of marketing. They are designed so you can achieve an extraordinary competitive advantage in marketing your company and products.

Add The Stofka Method and learn to translate your customers and prospects thinking styles. You will be able to enhance your messages to resonate deeply with your prospects beliefs, values and expectations.

This program provides you and your team with a deep understanding of the human thinking processes that underpin customer thinking and buying styles. This means your marketing you and/or your team will deeply understand, adapt to and influence the individual clients’ and markets’ psychological buying strategies.

Knowing customer buying strategies, enables you and your team to present your marketing messages in a way which resonates deeply with the personality types of your prospects. Your clients will be easily attracted to your organization.

This will give your marketing teams fantastic tools to:

Winning Marketing Tool Kit

  • Attract only the most desirable prospects
  • Create compelling marketing messages and presentations
  • Dramatically improve customer rapport and satisfaction
  • Tap the secrets of the most powerful communicators
  • Understand customer buying patterns and how to direct them
  • Develop advanced media communication skills
  • Increase the quantity of prospects and markets into your sales cycle
  • Become skilled at modeling the successes of top marketing geniuses

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