Presentation Skills

Business seminarApplying the Stofka Method to the Presentation Skills Courses offered at Philly Hypnosis enables you to experience a profound personal breakthrough. Presenters and trainers of any ability will appreciate being taught the secrets that the most powerful communicators have been using for centuries.
We have all experienced speakers, teachers, and trainers who astound us with their charisma, style and grace. When you begin to really understand how groups, sub groups, and individuals relate to each other, you will learn how to communicate with others at new levels that help you embody the same poise and insight as the experts.
You will be able to engage your audience with confidence, delivering your message efficiently and effectively and increase flexibility with physiology using a range of physiological styles.
Effective Communicator Skills:
  • Develop your own style as a public speaker or trainer
  • Craft the perfect voice tone to fully engage people
  • Increase your creativity and realize your own potential
  • Improve training and presentation design
  • Enter the optimum state of confidence for delivering presentations at any time
  • Quickly read an audience
  • Communicate with different personality styles within the audience
  • Create group rapport
  • Use effective stories and metaphors in public presentations
  • Connect and communicate with the audience unconscious mind – the part of the brain responsible for long term recall, intuition and ‘a-ha’ experiences


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