Sports Psychology Assessment - January 24th 2018

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1. You do not have a well defined goals or specific goal. You lack direction.

2. You perform better in practice than during competition

3. You are so self conscious; you worry about what others think about your game.

4. You worry about letting others down by not performing up to others exceptions.

5. You suffer from anxiety, worry, or excess tension when in competition.

6. Pre-game jitters do not go away after the first few moments of competition.

7. You have a fear of success and sabotage yourself when you are winning.

8. You are motivated by fear of failure and it affects your performance in competition.

9 Your routines are not well defined or lack of mental focus in routine.

10 You are distracted by things that go on around you in your environment.

11 Post injury you cannot perform the way you did pre injury even when 100% physically

12 You think of too much about consequences of your performance, good or bad.

13 You limit your performance with negative self talk such as “I am a choker.”

14 You have trouble forgetting or letting of bad past performances or shots.

15 You are frequently disappointed with your performance and wish it was better

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