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Football Sports Performance

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Our Purpose: As you know the #1 determining factor in the outcome of football games is scoring points. We are effective in creating metal toughness, excellence and winning performance using The Stofka Method for football players from training players, coaches and teams how to remove the blocks and fears that have stopped them to peak performance and assisting players to get into the zone and play in the zone.

Vince Lombardi said it best, “Coaches who can outline plays on a black board are a dime a dozen. The ones who win get inside their player and motivate. “Philly Hypnosis Performance | Football solutions | Hypnosis Philadelphia

Football solutions:

a. Team and Individual Execution – Clearing the mind, recreating winning confidence, executing plays as a single unit, creating peak performance in each individual position and doing so under pressure. My NFL, college and high school players have scored more and held their opponents to fewer points.

b. Offense – Knowing the line can fire off knocking back opponents, quarterbacks leading and using peripheral vision to see the whole field while keeping their body relaxed, running backs who can run through brick walls and cut on a dime, receivers who catch balls like they’re magnetically attached to them.

c. Defense – Confidence to shut down the opponent’s offense at any time and stay out of penalty trouble. Improving reaction time and being able to see the whole offense in one view, then narrow down to execute their role. Steal the ball like a thief.

d. Kicking – Being confident and aggressive under pressure and putting the ball through the uprights. Punters getting the ball off and to a spot that minimizes the return.

d. Injury – Recovering from injury or the fear of injury. Helping players think and play strong and healthy vs. injured and out of the game.

e. Leadership skills – creating confident team leader.

Philly Hypnosis Performance | Sports Psychology Assessment | Hypnosis PhiladelphiaSports Psychology Assessment

Not sure if you can benefit from Sports Psychology coaching? Find our now and take this short assessment and have the results emailed to you.

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We create solutions to these common problems football players and teams experience

  • Managing Mistakes
  • Handling Anxiety, Tension, Self-Doubt
  • Fear of Choking
  • Becoming Overwhelmed by Pressure
  • Trouble “Getting into The Zone And Staying In The Zone”
  • Philly Hypnosis Performance | Ways We Help Football Players and Their Teams | Hypnosis Philadelphia

    Fear of injury or recovering from injury

  • Loss of Concentration
  • Fear Executing a Particular Skill, Shot or Move
  • Anger Control
  • Doubt you can Win and Losing to Players you Know you Should Beat
  • Consistency Problems
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Poor Training Skills
  • Inconsistency
  • Loss of Timing/Tempo
  • Practice to Game Day Performance
  • Interpersonal Problems with Coaches/Parents/Family
  • Pressure with the Crowds and Media
  • Blocks and Interpersonal Issues with Partners/Teammates
  • Slump Busters

Ways We Help Football Players and Their Teams

  1. We offer personalized coaching services for football players, their teams, families and coaches.
  2. We have specific programs, CD programs, and articles to continue the mental coaching off line.
  3. We offer Coaching by phone,Skype and your facility.
  4. We offer coaching, workshops and seminars around the world for teams, clubs and corporations.

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Todd Stofka and his team at Philly Hypnosis deliver the top football psychology, helping improve your offense, blocking, tackling, throwing, catching, speed, running, defense, and leadership. Pop Warner, college, semi pro and National Football League (NFL).

We are looking for your input on future Seminars Phildelphia/Workshops/Trainings.

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