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“Losing weight, stopping smoking, relieving anxiety are just a few dynamic changes people would like to change” says Todd Stofka Hypnotherapist and Performance Expert. “Fear however paralyzes them to stay stuck in their problem. A person’s thoughts and behaviors can be hypnotized to achieve results easier and faster in the hands of a competent Clinical Hypnotist, who uses the powerful tool of hypnosis.”

FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real

Todd Stofka, creator of Philly Hypnotherapy, introduces a new program called “Fear!” This program will certainly attend to the anxieties that keep individuals from getting the help they so frantically require, such as, stopping smoking.

Stofka claims, “Throughout the years people have expressed the concern that a hypnotherapist will certainly compel them to blow up and they will certainly do something they do not wish to do or say something they don’t want to claim (disclose a trick). Or, they fear they will be hypnotized as well as not ‘wake up’ as well as be stuck in hypnotherapy. I’m not exactly sure where their thought process goes from there. This new program is developed to eliminate worries of all kinds most specifically hypnotherapy.”

” There is a difference in between hypnosis for entertainment and also scientific hypnosis. Lots of people are utilized to enjoyment hypnotherapy, where the hypnotized subjects are asked to dance, sing, neglect numbers or their names, visualize a belt is a serpent, etc. for the home entertainment of an audience. Now this can be enjoyable for the subject, that has actually volunteered for this experience. However, some people sitting in the target market, who have not volunteered may see it as a humiliating experience as well as wants none of it.” Says Todd Stofka.

Medical hypnotherapy is not enjoyment hypnosis. Medical hypnotherapy, essentially, is major company made use of to aid an individual adjustment undesirable ideas or actions leading to stopping smoking, dropping weight, relief from anxiousness, and so on

” Relaxing the fear of hypnosis is vital if they are to get the advantage of the device of hypnotherapy. It is essential that they realize that hypnosis is a naturally happening state between being awake and also being asleep. They are completely knowledgeable about whatever that is happening while hypnotized and also they can choose to open their eyes and also be completely awake whenever they pick. They remain in full control. They select to be hypnotized and they select to approve the pointers for modification that are provided to them. When an individual understands just how hypnosis functions, their fears are reduced and also they end up being eager topics, which open them to limitless opportunities to alter easily.”

About Philly Hypnosis and Fear Program

Visit Philly Hypnosis Performance to see just how Todd Stofka and staff can help you to overcome fears and manage stress.

For more information on the new Fear program, Sports Performance Psychology, Business Performance, Weight Loss, Stopping Smoking and more, call Todd Stofka at 1-877-557-7409 for a free half-hour consultation at one of our three office locations in the Philadelphia area or work with us at our custom virtual office via Skype.