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About Todd Stofka | Hypnosis PhiladelphiaTodd Stofka, CH, HNLP, is a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology.

He developed the Stofka Method by integrating NLP and Hypnotherapy with his background in Aikido, Jujitsu and a variety of competitive sports.

Founder of the Philly Hypnosis Centers, since 2001 has spent transforming smokers into non-smokers, and sports enthusiasts into ace athletes. Whether weight management or lack of confidence is an issue, or a person is facing fear filled phobias, Todd is deftly able to “rewire” the negative thoughts or behaviors and assist his clients in overcoming a wide variety of obstacles.

Todd is an adjunct professor at Montgomery County Community College teaching classes on hypnosis.

Todd has been published and is a frequent contributor:

  • Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Philadelphia Daily News
  • The Trend
  • The Local
  • Philly Fit
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As a former competitive ski racer and sports trainer, he folds these varied disciplines into his Stofka Method to help people reach their personal goals. He is noted for his ability to reach deep into a person’s psyche and touch their core talent and dream, while creating just the right connection to anchor this as a new behavior in their daily life.

He is skilled at stimulating his client’s ability to embody the skills used by outstanding performers and experts in the field of aspired excellence. Todd builds rapport easily and he is known for his honest assessment of his clients needs. As a result he has earned a reputation of trust.

Prior to founding the Philly Hypnosis Centers, Todd was a corporate executive holding various management positions from construction to technology oriented companies. He excelled at strategy, vision and mission planning and continuously exceeded sales goals. Most recently, he was Regional Vice President of Sales for Titan Technology Partners, a national software firm.

Mr. Stofka has a BS in engineering and management from Clarkson University and is currently working on his MBA. He has always strived to refine and develop himself further and he has taken a myriad of independent course work, from the Sandler Selling System to Management of People Skills and Development at Cornell University.

Originally, Todd took a hypnosis course to improve certain aspect of his own life and business performance. During his initial studies, he had a personal turning point, which inspired him to seek the healer within and dedicate his life to helping others reach their personal excellence. He proceeded to take courses in Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Psychology.

He has numerous certifications in both disciplines, including “Certified Master Practitioner”. Todd is a member of NGH, (National Guild of Hypnotists) and NESTA (National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association).

Mr. Stofka’s, Philly Hypnosis Centers are located in Doylestown, Wayne, and Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In addition, Todd teaches skiing and snowboarding. He resides with his wife and two children in the Philadelphia area.


  • Clarkson University – Engineering & Management, Interdisciplinary BS
  • Eastern College – MBA in process
  • Neuro-Energetics and the Hypnosis Institute of Pennsylvania – Hypnotherapy
  • Neuro-Energetics and the Pennsylvania Institute of Neuro-Linguistic Programming –Training and Presentation Skills
  • International Institute for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Programming – Certified Coach and Certified Practioner NLP
  • International Institute for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and Hypnosis – Certified Master Practioner NLP
  • Neuro-Energetics and the Pennsylvania Institute of Neuro-Linguistic Programming – Ericksonian Hypnosis II and III Certified Hypnotherapist
  • International Hypnosis Federation – Smoking Cessation Specialist
  • International Hypnosis Training Program – Complete Hypnotism Business Training
  • American Management Association – Effective Management and Leadership Skills
  • Miller Heiman – Strategic Selling/ Large Account Management Process
  • Rackman – Spin Selling
  • Sandler Selling System
  • Karrass – Effective Negotiation
  • Cornell University – Management of People Skills Development.
  • PSS 3 Xerox – Professional Selling Skills

Philly Hypnosis Performance | Pat Donohue | Hypnosis PhiladelphiaPat Donohue, CH, MNLP, is a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Master Practitioner in Neuro – Linguistic Psychology.

Pat is a retiree of the Federal government. During her 37 year career with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, she worked in Philadelphia, her hometown and Washington, DC. She rose through the ranks holding many different management positions from Section Chief to Chief, Technical Services to Training Coordinator to Chief, Revenue Operations Branch.

She was always volunteering for whatever training class would further her knowledge of her job and her interpersonal communications. Her passion was to help her employees be the best they could be and advance them within the Bureau.

After experiencing Todd Stofka’s brand of HNLP (Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology) and Hypnotherapy, Pat decided this would be a fulfilling second career, one that would build on her vast prior career experience. Pat says, “Now when people ask what I do, I say, ‘I help change people’s lives.”

As an Intern and Protege under Todd, Pat observed and directly participated in client sessions and learned first hand The Stofka Method, which they apply to all of their programs.

In addition to receiving her Masters in NLP, Pat received Certifications in Pediatric Hypnosis, Rewiring the Brain-Stroke Survivor Rehabilitation, ADD/ADHD, and many more. She specializes in Pain Relief/Management.

Pat volunteered once a week for three years at the Pennsylvania State Hospital (Byberry) on a ward where people suffered from schizophrenia. This was to supplement her knowledge while taking psychology courses. She volunteered for four years at a local elementary school in a special needs classroom, which gave her first hand knowledge of children with ADD, ADHD and autism.

She is a member of NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists), ABH (American Board of Hypnotists), and NFNLP (National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology).

Pat lives in the Philadelphia area and her son, daughter in law, grandson and new granddaughter live nearby.