Academic Performance

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Striving for Academic Excellence: The Stofka Method will get you there!

There are two key areas where people have difficulty with academic performance:

  • Studying or learning the material
  • Test performance anxiety

The Stofka Method will identify the problem

Learning is state dependent. The mental and physical state of the learner when receiving information determines how it is coded in the mind. When recalling the information, the same state is required for an optimal recall.

The Stofka Method will improve academic performance

The learner often faces a focusing challenge because they are easily distracted, bored, or filled with anxiety. Using hypnosis and NLP, students will have fun while learning to relax, concentrate and focus their minds on the subject. They will develop skills that help them study and absorb information.

The anxiety and fear associated with taking a test can be overcome by learning to create a confident, calm performance state of mind. When it comes to recalling the subject matter, the student will have the tools to recreate the state in which the information was originally learned – making it easily available again.

Academic Excellence Tools

  • Overcome distraction obstacles for good
  • Gain high-performance fact retention at will
  • Create fun in a boring subject
  • Turn fear butterflies into unshakable confidence
  • Change inconsistent performance into repeatable peak success

The Test Taker’s Guide: Secrets to Removing Test Anxiety and Stress

By using The Test Takers Guide, you are ready now to break free of test anxiety and stress, where you failed to take in all the information taught in the classroom; you failed to learn all of the course material while studying at home; and, you forgot what you studied at home and learned in class when it came time to take the test. These are just some of the nervous reactions that are stopping you from showing off your true ability and potential.

Secrets to Removing Test Anxiety and Stress shows you how to apply proven test-taking strategies to lower stress and anxiety – before, during, and after a test or exam. Topics include:

  • Making Test Taking Fun and Easy
  • Turning Anxiety and Stress into Focus
  • Using your Organic Computer and Library
  • Learning to Sit in Confidence while Testing
  • Tapping into the Power of Your Unconscious Mind

Also available are the next two books in the e-book series: Secrets to Removing Home Anxiety and Studying Stress and Secrets to Removing Class Room Learning Anxiety and Stress.

Todd Stofka, founder of Philly Hypnosis and developer of the Stofka Method has been successful in his practice to effectively help make permanent changes for people struggling with academic achievement.

Our Academic Performance program can have you performing at your very best!

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