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Philly Hypnosis Performance | The Stofka Method of Personal Business Excellence | Hypnosis Philadelphia

The Stofka Method of Personal Business Excellence

The Business Excellence Programs at Philly Hypnosis are designed to develop, challenge and inspire you by Integrating the sciences of NLP and hypnosis, which raises personal excellence to an art.

This executive coaching approach is not based on a motivational push that may wear off in weeks or months. The Stofka Method will actually carve a new pathway to the unconscious mind where all the action begins. As you begin to access the untapped genius within, you will discover how to reach superlative business performance that goes beyond your wildest dreams. You will take home a toolkit that will allow you to keep replicating that success!

Personal Business Excellence Tool Kit

  • Set compelling and consistently achievable goals
  • Improve results by challenging your limits
  • Develop the kind of creativity and flexibility that keeps you in “the zone”
  • Build rapport quickly with everyone with whom you interact
  • Communicate effectively with the people in your life
  • Develop complex problem-solving abilities
  • Gather specific, high-quality information from people, effortlessly
  • Develop robust, lasting and practical stress management skills
  • Discover exciting ways to dramatically enhance positive thinking patterns
  • Expand complex problem-solving abilities
  • Create the right work /life balance for you

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