Effective Negotiating

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Philly Hypnosis Performance | Effective Negotiating | Hypnosis PhiladephiaThe Stofka Effective Negotiating Method Courses

These are designed to give your sales, finance, and management teams an extraordinary effective negotiating advantage. Participants will quickly move from a traditional negotiation approach to a new level of effectiveness.

Applying dynamic NLP and Aikido patterns of influence, you and your teams will learn the underlying structure of powerful persuasion. Effectively using powerful persuasion is much more than pushing the other party into a corner. It is about elegantly and discreetly influencing the other party to positively take on a new perspective and then feel good about the outcome.

Effective Negotiators will understand the power of reading peoples’ non-verbal behavior. How to maintain agreement and when to subtly back off at various points in the negotiating process are critical skills made effortless by The Stofka Method.

Negotiating Tool Kit

  • Turn on a peak state of awareness for negotiation at any time
  • Build and maintain superb rapport at all times through any negotiation
  • Utilize high leverage points by being aware of the other party’s personality type
  • Use advanced probing skills without giving away your hand
  • Overcome objections and obstacles
  • Understand team dynamics, values and roles
  • Avoid negotiation traps and pitfalls
  • Use language that influences and persuades
  • Separate people from issues
  • Assign optimal roles to negotiation team members for maximum effectiveness
  • Resolve conflict and manage difficult people with ease
  • Maintain agreement even when there are opposing perspectives present
  • Develop subtle timing which allows you to know when to let the other party come forward

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