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The Sports Performance Specialists

  • Did you know that most professional teams have a Sports Performance Psychologist on staff?
  • Did you know that Fear and pressure are the common reasons athletes choke in the game?
  • Did you know that when you are unable to maintain a focus it disrupts your natural timing, coordination and leaves you incapable of performing?
  • Did you know that Studies show that Sports Performance as it is used to enhance athletic performance is one of the most important factors in creating “peak performance” for an individual athlete?

Sports Psychology Assessment

Not sure if you can benefit from Sports Psychology coaching? Find our now and take this short assessment and have the results emailed to you.

FACT:  Sports Performance Psychology isn’t just for professional athletes!

FACT:  Our clients seeking a Sports Performance Expert range from elementary school soccer players, softball players, etc. to high school athletes looking for scholarships to College athletes looking for professional athletic careers to Olympic athletic hopefuls and Olympic superstars in addition to Professional athletes!

The question is who is going to help you? Your coach does not have a physical drill for muscle memory or technique that will clean out your self-sabotaging thoughts.

My years as Sports Performance Expert at Philly Hypnosis Performance has allowed me to peer into the psyche of athletes of all ages and skill levels to help them create mental toughness, consistency, excellence and a winning performance. I use the Stofka Method, which I developed using my background in skiing racing, Aikido and Jujitsu.

We have helped train players, coaches and teams to remove the blocks and fears that have stopped them from peak performance and assisted players to get into the zone and play in the zone.

WARNING:  Our Sports Performance Program requires a commitment from the athlete to follow the program and to want peak performance as much or more than they have ever wanted anything.

Are any of these most common problems holding you back from the performance you know you can give?

  •  Managing Mistakes
  •  Anxiety, Tension, Self-Doubt
  •  Fear of Choking
  •  Becoming Overwhelmed by Pressure
  •  Trouble “Getting into The Zone” and “Staying in The Zone”
  •  Injury Fear or Recovering from Injury
  •  Loss of Concentration
  •  Fear Executing a Particular Skill, Shot or Move
  •  Anger Control
  •  Doubt They can Win
  •  Losing to Opponents They Know They Should Beat
  •  Lack of Confidence
  •  Poor Training Skills
  •  Consistency / Inconsistency
  •  Loss of Timing/Tempo
  •  Excellent Practice to Poor Game Day Performance
  •  Interpersonal Problems with Coaches/Parents/Family
  •  Blocks and Interpersonal Issues with Partners/Teammates
  •  Slumps
  •  Pressure from the Crowds and Media

How would you feel if these problems were no longer a part of your performance? 

Just imagine!

Everything you need to overcome these problems is locked within you.  Together we will work to take on these problems and create solutions!

Remember:  this is a customized program designed to meet your specific needs.

Sessions are private and can be in our offices or at your facilities. Traveling with you is also an option. Custom recording sessions are included to enhance your mental effectiveness.

What should you do next?

Call us now for your free consultation at 1-877-557-7409 or simply book your appointment online.