Weight Loss Program

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Weight Management and Weight Loss

It makes sense to have a weight management program to improve your bottom line.

  • Nearly 2 out of 3 (64.5%) American adults are considered overweight or obese.1
  • 39 million lost work days, 239 million restricted-activity days, 90 million bed rest days, and 63 million physician office visits per year are linked to obesity, 2
  • Obese employees cost American businesses up to 52% more in annual healthcare cost vs. healthy weight employees, not to mention the impact of obesity on absenteeism, disability and presenteeism. 3
  • Obese employees are at a higher risk for developing those diseases that cost employers more—high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Obesity has also been linked to many different types of cancers, including breast, prostate and colon cancer. 4

We offer both on site and in office weight management solutions for your employees.

Most overweight people do not understand why they are eating to comfort themselves or when they are stressed, bored – but they are. These eating habits leave them feeling fat, depressed, disgusted, embarrassed and ultimately powerless.

Many people — maybe you are one of them – intuitively know what they need to do to lose weight. However, when they make up their minds to do the right things, old habits and patterns keep them from reaching their goals.

How the Power Hypno-Slim System Weight Management works

The Stofka Method is a rare combination of the best of traditional hypnosis and the science of NLP, along with Mr. Stofka’s unique approach. Applying these techniques is like re-wiring your house for efficiency and direct current.

By addressing these old habits at the source, the unconscious mind, you can easily learn to change the patterns. This behavioral engineering makes it easier to eat well. By re-engineering the habit of eating for entertainment and self medication to eating for fuel, helps provide for more energy along with focused thought.

We also rewire lifestyles to help create more lean muscle. By learning to move the body and create more lean muscle it begins to increase the metabolism. This increase in metabolism causes more calories to be consumed over a longer period of time thus making weight management happen.

The third element in the Power Hypno-Slim behavioral engineering has to do with creating a fun, relaxed (stress free) mindset. This mindset helps create a fun, focused attitude that keeps you on track.

  • Cultivate a healthy body and the life you truly desire!
  • Make yo-yo dieting a thing of the past and feel great EVERY DAY.
  • Replace fatigue and lethargy with VIBRANT HEALTH and ENERGY.
  • Bottom line – healthier and happier (slimmer) employees!

Weight Loss Programs

Group Weight Loss

  • Take home audio
  • Nutritional support
  • Weight Loss Contests
  • i.e. Biggest Loser

Individual Weight Loss

  • Take home audio
  • Nutritional Support
  • Weight Loss Contests
  • i.e. Biggest Loser

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