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Business seminarStofka Method Sales Coaching and Training courses are designed to give your sales team a new level of sales artistry that will translate into an exceptional and competitive sales advantage. They will be given a deep understanding of the human thinking processes which underpin human communication, behaviors and ultimately sales. Learning to embody the skills used by outstanding performers, your team will quickly be able to learn, adapt to and influence client psychological buying strategies.

Participants will walk away fully equipped with a unique set of tools to use in any sales situation. These tools will enable them to present your unique sales messages in a way which resonates deeply with your prospects personality type — making it easy for the client to say “yes.”

Effective Sales Tools

  • Attract the most desirable prospects
  • Control your own frame of mind to ensure positive results
  • Get the response you want and improve ‘Win’ ratio
  • Increase the value of each order while cutting the length of the sales cycle
  • Build and maintain superb rapport with anyone in moments
  • Tap the deeper motivation that drives decision making
  • Use specific questioning strategies to get to the heart of objections
  • Read and influence body language and other non verbal behavior
  • Understand their clients’ mental strategies, personal beliefs and motivations
  • Enable people to buy without hard selling
  • Use a person’s hot buttons to create enthusiasm and passion
  • Employ hypnotic language to create responsiveness

Individual results vary

You will learn

  • Motivations that Drive Decision Making
  • Questioning Strategies
  • Reading a Person’s Body Language
  • Creating Enthusiasm & Passion for your Product
  • Creating Responsiveness-Skillful use of Hypnotic Language

This program has proved to me most effective with face to face sales where the customer goes to the salesperson, such as car sales.

Managers can make arrangements for classes for their teams of salespeople at their facility.

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