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Winning the Mental Game of Baseball and Softball

We are about …. Sports Psychology

  • Stopping the failure, mental frustration, attittude of quitting, mad, sad, self sabotage and the desire to give up.
  • Creating the ultimate in sports performance.
  • Teaching mental toughness using the science of Nerual Lingistic Psychology and Sports Hypnosis

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, there is always room for improvement in your sports mental performance.

Baseball and Softball Performance Psychology, creating the ultimate in playing performance and mental toughness using Baseball and Softball hypnosis and HNLP.

Baseball Performance Psychology – Sports Performance Baseball Psychologist- Philly Hypnosis provides Softball Psychology, creating the ultimate in baseball bat performance, and mental toughness pitching using sports hypnosis in PA, NJ and DE.


Overcoming batting slumps, coming back from injuries, pitching toughness, throwing yips.

Ways We Help Players and Teams

  1. We offer personalized coaching services for athletes, their teams, families and coaches.
  2. We have many self-help programs, CD programs and articles to continue the mental coaching off line.
  3. We offer Coaching by phone and by Skype.
  4. We offer coaching, workshops and seminars around the world for teams, clubs and corporations.
Yogi Berra said it best,“Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.”

We assist players to win the mental game of baseball from little league to MLB.

  1.  Realize that your thoughts direct your body’s actions when you bat and throw the ball. The mind always tells the body what to do with actions like running the bases and where to position your baseball glove to catch the ball. So is your mind helping you win baseball games with more hits when you are at bat, strike outs when pitching or just making you frustrated?
  2. Whether you are a little league, college or MLB Pro baseball player, there is always room for improvement on offense and defense in the mental side of the baseball game. Without mental confidence. a new Easton bat or cleats won’t make a difference.
  3. Fear is causing you to choke and strike out. The anxiety of being hit stops you from stepping up and swinging at strikes from spring training to the major league.
  4. Even a lack of confidence could be covering an underlying fear in your pitching after a batter gets a hit then you lose your edge to throw strikes. It could be the fear of a wild throw, fear of being humiliated and made fun of, fear of being injured, or just the fear of failing in the game of baseball. (Sports hypnosis).

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Baseball Sports Psychology Assessment

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We helped Eric recover from an injury to bat over .500, have the most home runs and secure a college scholarship.

Sports Psychology Assessment Hypnosis Philadelphia

Do you suffer from any of these Performance Problems?

  • Loss of Confidence
  • Managing Mistakes
  • Anxiety, Tension, Self-Doubt Before and During a Game
  • The Fear of Choking at Bat
  • Battling with the Throwing Yips
  • Becoming Overwhelmed by Pressure
  • Trouble “Getting into The Zone and Staying in The Zone”
  • Fear of Injury or Recovering from Injury
  • Loss of Concentration
  • Fear Executing a Particular Shot or Putt
  • Anger Control
  • Doubt You Can Win and Losing to Players You Know You Should Beat
  • Consistency Problems
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Poor Training Skills
  • Inconsistency
  • Loss of Timing/Tempo
  • Inconsistency from Practice to Game Day Performance
  • Interpersonal Problems with Coaches/Parents/Family
  • Overcoming Pressure with the Crowds and Media
  • Blocks and Interpersonal Issues with Partners/Teammates
  • Slump Busters at Bat

Helped Jim with managing mistakes, temper, relaxing in tense situations, put fun back in the game. Improved batting from .420 to .620.

Helped Courtney recover from throwing yips and improved her summer school grades.

Helped Jim make the transition from High School to Semi Pro batting .333 and getting a better college scholorship.

Helped Todd get rid of throwing yips and increase his batting average.

Helped Courtney with throwing yips and confidence to increase her batting average

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