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Winning the Mental Game of Golf

Golf Sports Performance Psychology, creating the ultimate in playing performance and mental toughness using golfing hypnosis and HNLP.

Bobby Jones said it best,“Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course – the distance between your ears.”

What: We assist players to win the mental game.

  1. Realize that your thoughts direct your body’s actions in your golf swing. The mind always tells the body what to do with your golf clubs. So is your mind helping you win with a great golf shot or making you frustrated?
  2. Whether you are a weekend player or a PGA Pro, there is always room for improvement on the golf course in the mental side of golf.
  3. Is fear causing you to choke or under-play? Ever experience First Tee Jitters even with your new Callaway, Mizuno or Taylormade?
  4. Even a lack of confidence could be covering an underlying fear in your golf play . Maybe you cannot drain a short put with your new Titlest putter. It could be the fear of losing, fear of being humiliated and made fun of, fear of being injured or just the fear of failing on the golf course. (sports hypnois).

Golf Sports Psychology Assessment

Not sure if you can benefit from Sports Psychology coaching? Find our now and take this short assessment and have the results emailed to you.

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We helped Luke shoot 5 under par at difficult local golf course. He was able to stay focused, stay on his strategy, recover from poor shots and enjoy the game more.

How: Do you suffer from any of these Performance Problems?

  • First Tee Jitters
  • Managing Bad Golf Shot and Golf Swing Mistakes
  • Anxiety, Tension, Self-Doubt Before and During a Round
  • The Fear of Choking an Important Shot – Battling with the Yips
  • Becoming Overwhelmed by Pressure
  • Trouble “Getting into The Zone and Staying in The Zone”
  • Fear of Injury or Recovering from Injury
  • Loss of Concentration
  • Fear Executing a Particular Shot or Putt
  • Anger Control
  • Doubt You Can Win and Losing to Players You Know You Should Beat
  • Consistency Problems
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Poor Training Skills
  • Inconsistency
  • Loss of Timing/Tempo
  • Inconsistency from Practice Range to Game Day Performance
  • Interpersonal Problems with Coaches/Parents/Family
  • Overcoming Pressure with the Crowds and Media
  • Blocks and Interpersonal Issues with Partners/Teammates
  • Slump Busters

Mike shoots his first 2 under par and wins against a better player. What forgetting mistakes does to improve a round. Visualizing what you want to have the ball do.

Ways We Help Players and Teams

  1. We offer personalized coaching services for athletes, their teams, families and coaches.
  2. We have many self-help programs, CD programs and articles to continue the mental coaching off line.
  3. Coaching is available by phone and by Skype.
  4. We offer coaching, workshops and seminars around the world for teams, clubs and corporations.

Got a question? Need advice? Want a self-help program? Take advantage of our free 20 minute consultation program. Call us now at 877-557-7409.

We helped John get back to his 2 handicap. He had lost his confidence and golf was no longer fun. Turned around those 99 rounds into 74’s.

Bill’s new calm, focused play to score in money matches at the club. Winning strategies and play in the club championship. Having more fun and taking money from his friends!

Mike drops 16 strokes to break 100 for the first time. The Stofka Method helped him go from his former personal best of 112 to 96.

Helped Bill develop the mental calmness during his pre-shot. Created a successful visualization in seeing the ball hit the fairway and drop in the cup. Forgetting bad shots and making golf fun again.

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Todd Stofka and his team at Philly Hypnosis deliver the top golf hypnosis, golf psychology, helping your golf swing consistently happen on the golf course. It does not matter if you have new golf clubs or are on the PGA or LGPA, learn to manage your golf game to have lower golf scores.

Hi, I’m Todd Stofka and I’m an expert in Sports Performance Psychology.

If you are a golfer, take a minute to read these 5 Tips, which will help you perfect your game.

Golfers know what it means to “keep your eye on the ball!”
When you achieve laser focus on the ball it creates a state where you are “in the zone.” Everything around you fades away except the ball. Easier said than done? Just how do you accomplish this state? Follow these 5 tips:

  1. Look down on the ball rather than watching it at the end of the golf club. Some players like to imagine as if they are looking through the ball.
  2. Keep your head down until the club makes contact with the ball.
  3. Keep your shoulders down and relax.
  4. Keep your hands moving parallel to the flight line.
  5. Keep your hands in line with the club head when you drive through the ball.

Concentration on the ball and following the above tips are guaranteed to improve your game.

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