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Barbara M shares how she lost 32 pounds and got control of food and stress easily.

Andrea S. shares how she lost 35 pounds at Philly Hypnosis using The Stofka Method weight loss program.  She shares about losing weight, eliminating cravings, chocolate, and overcoming the negative thought of exercising for easy weight management.  She explains the ease of changing her behavior to do the things that caused her to fail in the past.

Susan M. Shares how she lost 25 lbs. using The Stofka Method. Overcome her cravings and those things that use to sabotage her.

Bev L testimonial on how she lost over 60 lbs at Philly Hypnosis.  She describes how her life, mood, and energy all improved.  How her body reduced itself from a size 24 to size 14 in less than 8 months.

“This even works well for men! Cravings gone, lost 2 pant sizes in my first month and my business has improved”.

Sports Success

Erik K, Bucks County, PA Interview on how his baseball performance improved with Philly Hypnosis Sports Psychology coaching and The Stofka Method. He could control his anger after a mistake, improve his defense / fielding, significantly improved his batting average and number of home runs. He now has, at last count, six colleges offering him scholarships to play baseball.

Luke P, Norristown, PA Interview on how his golf game improved at Philly Hypnosis using Sports Psychology and The Stofka Method. He shot 5 under par at a difficult local golf course. He was able to stay focused, stay on his strategy, recover from poor shots and enjoy the game more.

Jim H. Warrington PA Shares how he is batting over .600, up from .300, managing play after making an error and having fun once again.

Mike M., Bucks County, PA Shares how he was able to drop 16 strokes on a tough course and break 100 for the first time.

Courtney Z., Montgomery County, PA Shares how she was able to drop fear and worry to become the lead batter, recover from a bad throw to start on her college softball team.

Bill G., Montgomery County, PA Shares how he was able to create a calmness before hitting more consistant shots. Create a mental shot track, let go of the bad shots and made golf fun again.

“As a veteran smoker (27 years), naturally I was skeptical about hypnosis.  However, I had tried all other methods and realized I didn’t need help with my physical cravings, I needed help with my mind! I would highly recommend hypnosis to quit smoking, especially those who can admit it is more of a mental addiction than a physical one.” Marilynn

“The hypnosis works from Hour ONE! I tried everything else. Nothing worked.It was quick and easy. I have NO urges or desires for a cigarette after 28 years of smoking! You have to try it to believe it. I’m so glad I did.”

“After years of trying to quit smoking I still can’t believe how easy hypnosis made it. It’s not what I thought it would be. It was the BEST DECISION I have ever made. It was QUICK, EASY and PAINLESS! I highly recommend this program to everyone who wants to quit forever.”

Tim J.

“A BIG thank you! After 18 years of smoking I am now free of this bad habit and have NO cravings. The hypnosis techniques were FUN, EASY and I feel more relaxed and ENERGETIC. I am able to do what I want to do now!” Betty A.