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Philly Hypnosis Performance | Texting for Teen Weight Loss Does It Work | Hypnosis PhiladelphiaAccording to a news feature published in the LA times, text messaging is actually being used to ring in healthy lifestyle alterations in the lives of the present day teenager. It elaborated on the ways in which text messaging could bring about changes which could ultimately contribute to weight loss.

The study was led by a group of research analysts from Michigan University who possessed strong conviction that text messages, if suitably drafted and created, could provide assistance to teenagers for sticking to healthier lifestyle choices. For carrying out the analyses, four distinct groups comprising of 24 females and males were considered. These were individuals who were already under some sort of weight reduction plan.

The group was sent four distinct styles of messages. These included some testimonials, tips for promoting weight loss, questions which provided for feedback, queries for assessment and evaluation, specially drafted messages with unique content as well as recipes for a fat free yet delectable meal plan. Once these messages were sent them, the various responses received were studied in greater detail.

Messages which bore instructions from fellow weight watchers were accepted with readiness. These also included recipe details and discussion on strategies for losing weight. Text messages with a positive tone were also absorbed readily. These even included the usage of emoticons and exclamation symbols. Popular online lingo like “LOL” weren’t as openly accepted.

Other messages which didn’t go down well with the focus group were those which bore a mention of unhealthy delights. Even though they were mentioned in reference with healthier options, it led to uncalled-for craving in some of the targeted teens. In certain cases, the mode of delivery was considered responsible for non-acceptance.

Specific versions which went to the crux of the issue received better responses. These were the ones which dealt with healthy eating habits and seeking the right directives for successful weight loss.

Subsequently, research analysts have proceeded to analyze the impact these messages are likely to have on weight loss. Studies pertaining to the effect of text messaging on adopting flu vaccines, quitting smoking etc. have already been conducted. By far, text messaging reminders in such cases have proven to be quite effective.